Ninth Grade Tips and Tricks

Hello! Next in my school series was highly requested. I am doing a Ninth Grade Tips and Tricks. My freshman year was almost 4 years ago. Yes, I can’t believe it. So, I thought I can share some stuff with my upcoming freshmans this year.

Do not befriend the wrong people. You want to surround yourself with positive people that care about their friends. Not people that encourage their friends to do drugs. Find friends that have the same interest as you an enjoy stuff that you do.

Get involved. Getting involved is something you always hear. But, it’s true. You need to join clubs or play sports. Not only will colleges look at that but you will meet a lot of new people.

Even though your a freshman, your grades matter. Yes your grades matter. This is the beginning of your high school and college career. It also determines your classes for the next year. If you fail a class you will have to take that class again.

Bring your own lunch. Most schools have nasty lunches. If you school is like that, then you need to bring your own food. You do not want to finish the rest of the day on an empty stomach.

High school is hard, but you can make it fun. I hope you enjoy these tips. 


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