How to get Free Stickers

What a nice day to learn how to receive your free sticker! I think we should start with the easy ways and work our way to the hard ways!

Use my codes

You may use any of my codes on my Discount Code page. If you send me proof on instagram, I will send you stickers and a thank you letter!

Okay let’s get to the hard ways!

Sticker Applications

Some companies have you sign up for free stickers. For instance, I typed in my google search bar Lauren James Stickers and tapped on the first one.

First I had to fill out this easy form. Most companies have you wait 4-10 business days. But, it will be at your house in no time. Here’s some other companies that require you to fill out a form.

Jadelynn Brooke

Simply Southern Tees


Southern Tide


The next companies will be companies that require you to send them an email. So you will say something like, Hello. My name is _____________. I absolutely love your stickers and was wondering if you can send me one! I will post all about it on my instagram/blog and will put it on my ___________. Can you send it to this address? Then you will type your address.



Kendra Scott 

Other companies make you send in a SASE, Self Address and Stamped Envelope. Down below I have the companies that require it.

Vineyard Vines

Half Moon Outfitters

I loved how nice the companies were. I am so happy I started my sticker collection and can not wait to see yours!


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