BTS Supply Haul + Lilly Pulitzer DIY

Welcome back! So school starts less than a week from now and I have collected all my school supplies. I have also diy my binders and notebooks. Keep reading if you want to see what I got and see what I diy.

The first I picked up some highlighters, post it notes and pens. I love making my notes all colorful and what not. So I highlight A LOT and stick a note on almost every single page.

Next I got three packs of paper because I only picked up three binders this year. By the way, most of this stuff came from Walmart (because I am super cheap). Then, I found this cute notebook from the Stationary section it just has “Notebook” at the top and the pages are just so adorable. For a more organization this year, I tried out a planner! I ordered my Day Designer from Amazon. I did a whole post about it and I will have it here.

To complete my writing utensils, I got a pack of mechanical pencils because who doesn’t like mechanical pencils. I also got a pack of lead because I absolutely hate asking people for lead! I rather get ASKED for lead!

Lilly Pulitzer DIY

So for the Lilly DIY, I made these binder sheets. I got a color notebook and binder for each class. For instance, blue is math, pink is chemistry and purple is English. 

Thanks for reading! If you guys have any questions about the binder sheets leave them down below! Or if you want me to make you some just dm me on Instagram.


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