How I Edit my Instagram Photos

Welcome back! So I post updates and stuff on my Instagram. Therefore, I edit my picture to match my new feed. Today, I am going to show you how I edit my blog Instagram pictures!

So today we are going to edit this picture! In case you didn’t know, I am a rep for Southern Girl Prep. So, if you use my code (thecaffeineway15off) and dm me proof that you did, I will send you two stickers!

This will be the end results! 

I edit all my pictures with VSCO. I also take my pictures in the square form, just because it looks better.

Open your picture to VSCO

First thing I do is open my picture. Then I go all the way down to C1. I will pull that filter to 8.0. 

Let’s start editing

Now it gets to the editing part. You must do the Exposure and drag it up to 1.0. The Contrast is next. I will drag it down to -4.0.

We only have two more steps! Yay! After you contrast you picture, go all the way down until you see “Highlights”, “Shadows”, “Temperatures”. Next you will tap on Temperatures. Bring your cursor all the way to 2.0. Your last step is Highlights, which will go to 7.0.

All you have to do now is save! This filter is very easy! I actually go it from a filter account on Instagram a few months ago, but unfortunately I forgot the account! But, you can always add your own twist to it like I did! 


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