Shoes I Want

So today, I thought that I will do a wishlist of my favorite shoes I want for back to school! I currently have a lot of BTS posts, you can read them here. These shoes are all from Bella Rose Boutique. I will have everything linked below!

“See Me Now” Inspired Wedges

Birk Inspired Ankle Wrap Sandals


Outside the Box Platform Sandals

Good Riddance Slide on Sandals

Bella Rose Boutique Website

Bella Rose Boutique Instagram

What I Wore to Senior Portraits 

Yay for senior year! Yesterday I took my senior pictures! If you want to see them you can follow my VSCO! I had three outfits, one was my dance uniform and the other two was outfits I put together. I am going to be sharing my outfits with you guys!

So my whole plan was something off the shoulder, but in the little time I had, I could not find anything out the shoulder that I wanted. So I stopped by a local boutique and picked up a sleeveless romper in a coral color. The boutique I got it from does not have a website, but I found the exact same one from an online store that I will have linked below. I wore the same shoes with both of my outfits and they came from Just Fab!

Romper // Shoes 

For my second outfit, I had some white pants already in my closet. I am not sure where they are from but I will try to find a similar one. My shirt, you will not believe this, is from Walmart! It is so cute and comfortable and was only $14. 

Shirt // Shoes // Pants

Thanks for reading! Be sure to look on my VSCO for more pictures of my session. Also if you click the link on my VSCO it will direct you to my personal Instagram.

Discounted SGP Items

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about discounted items using my rep codes! Since, I am a Southern Girl Prep Rep, I will be sharing the prices of some items with my discount code. My code for SGP is “thecaffeineway15off”, in case your were wondering!

Thanks for reading! If you use my code please dm me proof and I’ll send you some stickers!


It’s a great day to be a Southern Girl Prep Rep. So last week I got my rep package. I believe I was late in the game, but it’s okay! So today I am going to be sharing with you what I got! Use my code “thecaffeineway15off” for 15% off your order. Dm me proof on Instagram and I will send you some stickers!

First let’s start with accessories. I got a sgp keychain. It is really cute and adorable and it matches my monogram keychain. 

I got a water bottle. So I currently have so many water bottles so I might just give one away. Keep an eye out for that. But it is just navy blue. I am not a fan of it really because of the color. Only if it was pink, I would be happy!

I got a humongous flag that I might hang on my wall. I love it so much! I also got a bunch of stickers. If you use my code above I will send you some.

Lastly, I got a beach ball. It is so cute and I kind of gave it to my sister to play with. But, I can not wait until I can go to a pool and play beach volleyball with it.

Next I got three shirts. I love them all and they are all so soft! My first shirt is in the color Ivory and on the back it has Don’t Quit YourDaydream. Honestly, this is my favorite shirt because the quote is so inspirational to me. On the front it just has the SGP logo and on one of the sleeves it has SGP monogrammed on it. The original price of the shirt is $26.00 but if you use my code it will be $22.00.

My next tee shirt is white and it has PREP on the back of it. I have wanted this shirt for so long. It just has the company’s dog logo on the front and a big pink bow on the sleeve. The original price is $26.00 and with my code it will be $22.00.

The last tee I got is actually a tank. I got a mint green tank that is outlined in gingham. I love it so so much. I like how soft it is and it stretches. It’s just perfect! On the front it has the dog logo and on the back it has Southern Girl Prep at the top. The original price is $34.00 but with my code it will be $28.00.

Do not for get to use my code and dm me proof for some stickers.

Comment below what’s you favorite SGP item. 

FOURth Outfits ; Lauren James Edition

Yay to the Fourth of July being next week! Time for fireworks and sparklers. I have picked out 4 outfits from Lauren James that I think will be great! I picked out 2 dressy items for that morning of pictures or a nice Fourth of July party. Then, I picked out 2 items you can dress up or down! So get ready!

Riley Ruffle Top // Bow Flag Short Sleeve Tee // Ruffle Top Shorts // The Landry Seersucker Dress

Coastal Cay Rep Box

Today was such a nice day to recieve a package from an awesome company! This summer, I am a rep for Coastal Cay! I am so excited! You can use my code “CAFFEINE15   ” for 15% off your next order.

The first thing I received was a Coastal Cay t shirt in navy blue. It just has its sand dollar logo on the front right pocket and on the back in pink and white.

Next I got a tumbler in a lime green color with “Live for the beach” on one side and the sand dollar logo on the other side.

Lastly, I got some awesome goodies! I got two koosies and three stickers that I might giveaway so be on the look out!

Thank you Coastal Cay for letting me work with them this summer! Be sure to use my code for 15% off your order.