What I Wore to Senior Portraits 

Yay for senior year! Yesterday I took my senior pictures! If you want to see them you can follow my VSCO! I had three outfits, one was my dance uniform and the other two was outfits I put together. I am going to be sharing my outfits with you guys!

So my whole plan was something off the shoulder, but in the little time I had, I could not find anything out the shoulder that I wanted. So I stopped by a local boutique and picked up a sleeveless romper in a coral color. The boutique I got it from does not have a website, but I found the exact same one from an online store that I will have linked below. I wore the same shoes with both of my outfits and they came from Just Fab!

Romper // Shoes 

For my second outfit, I had some white pants already in my closet. I am not sure where they are from but I will try to find a similar one. My shirt, you will not believe this, is from Walmart! It is so cute and comfortable and was only $14. 

Shirt // Shoes // Pants

Thanks for reading! Be sure to look on my VSCO for more pictures of my session. Also if you click the link on my VSCO it will direct you to my personal Instagram.

How I Edit my Instagram Photos

Welcome back! So I post updates and stuff on my Instagram. Therefore, I edit my picture to match my new feed. Today, I am going to show you how I edit my blog Instagram pictures!

So today we are going to edit this picture! In case you didn’t know, I am a rep for Southern Girl Prep. So, if you use my code (thecaffeineway15off) and dm me proof that you did, I will send you two stickers!

This will be the end results! 

I edit all my pictures with VSCO. I also take my pictures in the square form, just because it looks better.

Open your picture to VSCO

First thing I do is open my picture. Then I go all the way down to C1. I will pull that filter to 8.0. 

Let’s start editing

Now it gets to the editing part. You must do the Exposure and drag it up to 1.0. The Contrast is next. I will drag it down to -4.0.

We only have two more steps! Yay! After you contrast you picture, go all the way down until you see “Highlights”, “Shadows”, “Temperatures”. Next you will tap on Temperatures. Bring your cursor all the way to 2.0. Your last step is Highlights, which will go to 7.0.

All you have to do now is save! This filter is very easy! I actually go it from a filter account on Instagram a few months ago, but unfortunately I forgot the account! But, you can always add your own twist to it like I did! 

Favorite Instagram Bloggers

Everyone has their favorite instagramers, right? This post was inspired by Olivia from The Brightest of the Bunch. I will have her post linked here. Tell her I sent you!

The Brightest of the Bunch // Her Blog

So, of course Olivia is on the top of my list! Her feed is adorable and she’s just so pretty and awesome!

Daily Dose of Prep // Her Blog

Lucy is so pretty and her blogs are so helpful!

Delaney Hogg // Her YouTube 

Delaney does not have a blog so her instagram is based from her YouTube! But I love both!

Molly Preps // Her Blog

I love Molly so much! She is super nice and pretty and her feed and blog is amazing!

The Georgian Prep // Her Blog

Her feed is beautiful! I love all the bright colors and her blog is just as awesome!

Yay for favorite instagramers! Comment your favorite ones below! 

How to get Free Stickers

What a nice day to learn how to receive your free sticker! I think we should start with the easy ways and work our way to the hard ways!

Use my codes

You may use any of my codes on my Discount Code page. If you send me proof on instagram, I will send you stickers and a thank you letter!

Okay let’s get to the hard ways!

Sticker Applications

Some companies have you sign up for free stickers. For instance, I typed in my google search bar Lauren James Stickers and tapped on the first one.

First I had to fill out this easy form. Most companies have you wait 4-10 business days. But, it will be at your house in no time. Here’s some other companies that require you to fill out a form.

Jadelynn Brooke

Simply Southern Tees


Southern Tide


The next companies will be companies that require you to send them an email. So you will say something like, Hello. My name is _____________. I absolutely love your stickers and was wondering if you can send me one! I will post all about it on my instagram/blog and will put it on my ___________. Can you send it to this address? Then you will type your address.



Kendra Scott 

Other companies make you send in a SASE, Self Address and Stamped Envelope. Down below I have the companies that require it.

Vineyard Vines

Half Moon Outfitters

I loved how nice the companies were. I am so happy I started my sticker collection and can not wait to see yours!

Cheap Lilly Pulitzer Planners

School is rolling back around and some people, like me, wants to be organized and start planning but you do not want to spend $40 on a planner. Here are some stores to get Lilly Pulitzer Planners for a cheaper price.

Under The Carolina Moon

Under the Carolina Moon has the small, large, and jumbo agendas. The small is $24, the large is $30, and the jumbo is $34. The great thing about getting an agenda from them, is that you can add your monogram on it for the same price.


Amazon has some Lilly Planner, also! They are sold by Lilly but they are cheaper. These are between $24-$25. 


Dillard’s have many more planners and designs but I picked this one because the print is my favorite. This is a medium agenda and the price is $24. Dillard’s also have the large and jumbo ones for $30 (large) and $35 (jumbo).

Thanks for reading! Comment below your favorite place to get your Lilly agenda.

Day Designer Review

So last week, I revieced my Day Designer that I ordered off of Amazon. A week later and I already have the rest of the year planned out. So I am going to start this thing called ”     Plan with Me.” So let’s get started.

My Day Designer is in the print Gold Stripes and I got the small version so it starts in January of 2017 and ends on December 2017. The utensils I use are Bic ball point colorful pens! 

I color coded the month of July. It will be easier for me to know what color is what. The quote you may have seen before, it is my mantra for the month.

I hope you liked this. Comment below if I should do this every month.

12 things I’ve Learned in 12 Years

In honor of me being a senior this year, I am going to tell you guys 12 things I’ve learned from kindergarten to 11th grade.

  1. Nap time was the best time
  2. In elementary, your bestfriend was REALLY your bestfriend
  3. The classes will get harder
  4. All the supplies you need in K-8 you will not need 9-12
  5. Be friendly, you’ll have more chances of people liking you
  6. In high school, everyone hates everyone
  7. You will have some nice teacher and you will have some really messed up ones
  8. HS Guidance counsel will be your bestfriend
  9. School lunches are nasty in high school
  10. Being the “new girl” isn’t so bad
  11. College Application process is hard
  12. Stay out of trouble

Thanks for reading! These 12 things are all the stuff I learned from kindergarten to my 11the grade year. Unfortunately, I have one more year in high school so I have one more thing to add to this list. Really cannot believe my 13 years of school is almost up! It’s going to be bitter sweet.