Motivation Monday: Volume 4

Welcome back! This post was a little bit delayed because I had been a little busy all weekend. But, my other posts are scheduled and ready to be posted! Heads up that I will not post next week because I will be having longer practice days and senior stuff. So let’s get into today’s Motivation Monday!

I like this because this is how I remember to do stuff I want to do. For instance, I started my blog for me! The readers do not matter to me. If you want to start a blog or YouTube go for it! Do it for you! This school year you should go by this saying! It will make some choices easier to make!

Motivation Monday: Volume 3


This edition of Motivation Monday is a quote I have came across. I found it while looking for a Monthly Mantra and when I saw it, I new it was the one.

Personally I feel that is is perfect for me. I always plan on doing stuff but I always get mislead because I think of the worst. I am downing myself and that’s not right.

Today’s post is kind of short but I want you guys to tell me what’s your  favorite quote. 

Motivation Monday: Volume 2

Today’s Motivation Monday is from somebody I love dearly. He is an amazing actor and such an awesome person ( well at least I hope).

That’s right! It’s from our very on Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars aka Ian Harding. To me, he is so sweet and intelligent on the show. So, I am pretty sure Mr. Fire knows what he’s talking about.

Life isn’t alway romantic. Sometimes, it’s realistic.

This quote gives me the feels. I believe that you do not always need a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” to live a realistic in life. You have people all around you such as you mom, sister(s), brother(s), and father that love you so much! 

In other words, when your young, do not look for love and affection. Get your life started, open up a business, graduate from college. Have everything in place before searching. If you search and can not find, than it’s okay, I promise. Your family and friends still loves you!

Motivation Monday: Volume 1

I am starting a new section on the blog called “Motivation Monday!” I always see cute quotes that gets me motivated. I would like to send my motivation to all of you wonderful ladies!

As Danielle Carolan, my favorite YouTube of all time, always say, “She believed she could, so she did”. She even has it on my twitter banner!

Ever since I first heard Danielle say that in one of her videos, I fell in LOVE! I said to ny self, hmm I believe I can. You better be sure I did, too. 

Deep down I knew I can make captain of our high school dance team! I just knew I could. I went by this little mantra every day of tryouts. Sooner or later I got the spot on the team and as captain. So now I live by this quote. It’s on my Instagram bio and it’s even my senior quote!

What do you believe you can do? Leave a comment below!