What You Really Need for Freshman Year of High School

Cheers to high school! Yep, I’ve been there and done that! I can finally share my freshman year experience with others. But, that’s not what this is about! I remember back in middle school the school provided a supply sheet for us. In high school, they do not! Looks like you are on your own. But trust me, you do not need all that wonky stuff.

Color Pencils and Crayons

You do not need a bunch of color pencils and crayons. You will probably color once or twice each year. I personally, never bought color pencils for high school, all of my teachers usually provide pencils to the class. If you do get some, just get one pack, that’s all you’ll need.


Some classes require folders. I say just wait until you get your syllabus and get folders if you need them. Do not go out and spend your money on them unless you want to. 


I recommend getting mechanical pencils and extra lead because if you get wood pencils they would break and sometimes will not sharpen. So just trying to be on the safe side.


This is pretty self explanatory. You know you will need paper so get a few packs. At Walmart, one pack of paper is probably 80 cents!

Flash drive

At my school, we have online classes that we can take, so because of that I always get a flash drive. It’s helpful and you can get the ones that clip on to your keys.


You WILL need a calculator. Especially if you take a hard math class. With this, you will not have to use the teacher’s calculator.

Money, money, money

Lastly, you will need money. Most schools have vending machines that you can get snacks and drinks from. So it’s good to have at least $3.

So ladies and gents, that’s all I have for today! If you guys have any other “must need school supplies” that you want the fellow freshmans to know, comment them down below!

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BTS Supply Haul + Lilly Pulitzer DIY

Welcome back! So school starts less than a week from now and I have collected all my school supplies. I have also diy my binders and notebooks. Keep reading if you want to see what I got and see what I diy.

The first I picked up some highlighters, post it notes and pens. I love making my notes all colorful and what not. So I highlight A LOT and stick a note on almost every single page.

Next I got three packs of paper because I only picked up three binders this year. By the way, most of this stuff came from Walmart (because I am super cheap). Then, I found this cute notebook from the Stationary section it just has “Notebook” at the top and the pages are just so adorable. For a more organization this year, I tried out a planner! I ordered my Day Designer from Amazon. I did a whole post about it and I will have it here.

To complete my writing utensils, I got a pack of mechanical pencils because who doesn’t like mechanical pencils. I also got a pack of lead because I absolutely hate asking people for lead! I rather get ASKED for lead!

Lilly Pulitzer DIY

So for the Lilly DIY, I made these binder sheets. I got a color notebook and binder for each class. For instance, blue is math, pink is chemistry and purple is English. 

Thanks for reading! If you guys have any questions about the binder sheets leave them down below! Or if you want me to make you some just dm me on Instagram.

Tenth Grade Tips and Tricks

Hey guys! So a few weeks ago, I posted a Ninth Grade Tips and Tricks. If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll have it linked here. Today, I will be writing about Tenth Grade Tips and Tricks. It was requested so I am doing it for you all!

Grades, Grades, Grades

Your grades are important during your tenth grade year. This year determines your classes for your junior year. Trust me it will help!

Get Even MORE Involved

Okay! So I know in my last one I told you guys to get involved. But if you didn’t in 9th grade, please do it now. Colleges love to see your extracurricular activities on your applications.

Think about colleges

Think about what schools you want to go to after high school. Think about what you want to do after high school. Doing it now, gives you time to research what you want to do. It is very beneficial, trust me.

Befriend your Guidance Counselor 

Since the last tip was to look for colleges, then you need to start communicating with your guidance counselor. Talk to them about standardize tests that you need to take. Talk to them about upcoming college festivities that’s are coming up.

Take ACT or PSAT

Lastly, take the ACT or PSAT. I haven’t taken the PSAT, and I am probably to old to take it, but I still recommend you guys to take it. I’ve taken the ACT twice and will be taking it again my senior year. 

Thank you guys for reading today’s post! If you have any tips comment them down below!

12 things I’ve Learned in 12 Years

In honor of me being a senior this year, I am going to tell you guys 12 things I’ve learned from kindergarten to 11th grade.

  1. Nap time was the best time
  2. In elementary, your bestfriend was REALLY your bestfriend
  3. The classes will get harder
  4. All the supplies you need in K-8 you will not need 9-12
  5. Be friendly, you’ll have more chances of people liking you
  6. In high school, everyone hates everyone
  7. You will have some nice teacher and you will have some really messed up ones
  8. HS Guidance counsel will be your bestfriend
  9. School lunches are nasty in high school
  10. Being the “new girl” isn’t so bad
  11. College Application process is hard
  12. Stay out of trouble

Thanks for reading! These 12 things are all the stuff I learned from kindergarten to my 11the grade year. Unfortunately, I have one more year in high school so I have one more thing to add to this list. Really cannot believe my 13 years of school is almost up! It’s going to be bitter sweet.

ABC Bucket List; Senior Year 

Hey Hey Hey! So this is something new that I want to do. I haven’t seen anyone do it before, so we are going to give it a try.

So the ABC Bucket List will be a bucket list in alphabetical order all about school. So it’s my senior year and I want to achieve more goals and what not. This will start immediately on my first day of school. I encourage everyone to try it!

A. Apply to colleges

B. Be nice all year

C. Constantly read books

D. Drive more

E. Express my feelings

F. Finish school on a good note

G. Graduate high school

H. Have healthy snacks

I. Invest in awesome stationary so I will be motivated to study

J. Join new clubs

K. Kill time with a new hobby

L. Learn a new language

M. Meet new people

N. Nice is the key

O. Organized

P. Put things in order

Q. Quit bad habits 

R. Run for Homecoming

S. Study more

T. Take a journalism class

U. Use my planner ALOT

V. Visit local newspaper company for an internship

W. Write what I think 

X. Xtreme organization

Y. Yoga

Z. Zero procrastination

Ninth Grade Tips and Tricks

Hello! Next in my school series was highly requested. I am doing a Ninth Grade Tips and Tricks. My freshman year was almost 4 years ago. Yes, I can’t believe it. So, I thought I can share some stuff with my upcoming freshmans this year.

Do not befriend the wrong people. You want to surround yourself with positive people that care about their friends. Not people that encourage their friends to do drugs. Find friends that have the same interest as you an enjoy stuff that you do.

Get involved. Getting involved is something you always hear. But, it’s true. You need to join clubs or play sports. Not only will colleges look at that but you will meet a lot of new people.

Even though your a freshman, your grades matter. Yes your grades matter. This is the beginning of your high school and college career. It also determines your classes for the next year. If you fail a class you will have to take that class again.

Bring your own lunch. Most schools have nasty lunches. If you school is like that, then you need to bring your own food. You do not want to finish the rest of the day on an empty stomach.

High school is hard, but you can make it fun. I hope you enjoy these tips.